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Tornado Truths

Tornadoes have caused severe and irreparable damage to tens of thousands of Americans and their property in recent years. On top of the physical and emotional fallout, many have also lost their lives as a direct result of a tornado.

Although you can never control the weather or the outcome of a destructive storm, there are steps you can take to help you and your family remain protected in the event of a tornado. Those steps of action being with knowing fact from myth.

Here are some tornado Truths that could help you keep you and your loved ones safe:

  1. When indoors, shut all the windows and doors. Do not leave them open in an attempt to follow the mythical need to pressurize your home. The result of this increases the chances of flying debris and wind damage.
  2. If you are inside your home or other structure retreat to the lowest level (a basement) or the room closest to the middle of your home/furthest from windows and doors. Do Not seek a corner of the structure for your retreat; instead go to the center most point, away from windows and anything heavy that could fall.
  3. If outdoors, find the lowest spot, such as a ditch or dry river bed, and lie flat on your stomach, covering the back of your head with your hands.  Do Not follow the myth of seeking shelter under a bridge or overpass because it could collapse on top you or large debris and winds could come rushing underneath and potentially sweep you up into the tornado itself.
  4. If in your vehicle, abandon the vehicle and find shelter in a structure or follow instructions for if outdoors.
  5. Do not take shelter near a road or foothill and expect the tornado to miss you. Some myths say that tornadoes will reverse their directions when nearing a road or foothill, but a tornado doesn’t discriminate and will keep on its path.

We at Cities Insurance Group want to help you know the tornado truths that will help keep you and your family safe.
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